Best DEWALT DW716 Compound Miter Saw Review

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I purchased this as a replacement when my original De Walt single bevel 12" mitre saw bit the dust in November, right in the middle of a large deck job. I probably could have repaired the old one but it owed no service, having been with me for over 10 years in remodeling. A carpenter friend on my job last spring purchased the De Walt sliding compound 12" and I had a lot of chances to test drive its capabilities. It was an impressive saw, but it seemed like we really didn't use the sliding feature that much, with the exception of the oak stair was a great help on that task.

Under the gun to have a mitre saw, I quickly but intensely researched the sliders on the market and read every review I could find (including those at Amazon, thank you very much, fellow woodworkers). What worried me the most about them is, across the board, there seemed to be issues about accuracy due to play in the slider mechanism. Since I do custom work of all types, from framing to quality trim, stairs and built-in cabinets, accuracy in a saw is top on my list. My old De Walt was as accurate at the end of its life as it was when I bought it, with few adjustments needed in between. I looked at most of the popular sliders at the Home Depot and could definitely see how play could be an issue. Add to this their bulkiness and extra weight and you have some serious minuses on the old scoreboard.

So, I decided to stick with the strongarms of the staionary mitre saws, and purchased the double-bevel this time. So far, I have been very pleased. We were building an IPE', or ironwood deck of the heaviest, hardest woods you will come across. With the included 60 tooth blade, the De Walt chewed through the IPE' like it was Spruce. I really think the belt drive on this model is an improvement. I was careful to let the saw get up to RPM (about a second) before starting the cuts, but then it was smooth sailing on even the nitpickiest angle. There is no room for error with IPE'... either it fits or it doesn't. We used the double-bevel feature a lot. It saved time when we had different, slightly off-square cuts to make on both ends of a board...didn't have to turn it end-for-end. When we were finished the deck looked like a piece of furniture, much to the delight of my happy clients.

If I had a con, it would be that the dust collector bag is small and stingy....I am using the one from my old saw. I have bought a better blade for when I do delicate stain-grade finish work, but I have not put it on yet. The 60 tooth works fine for most purposes.

I will try to give an update in 6 months or so. Right now, I'm a happy customer.

UPDATE: May '09 -- OK, so I forgot to do the update. Better late than never. This mitre saw is still going strong, and I use it frequently, though not every day on some jobs. Table still rotates smoothly, and cuts are still accurate and dependable. Still recommend it highly.

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